Star Brains character

STAR BRAINS International school will open in Osaka this spring.

Our school goal is to help children build their academic strength and have charming characters, growing to be a little citizen of the world. The school provides learning base for foreigners and working families. Children can learn variety of subjects and activities in English. According to the data, children who have enough education during their childhood tend not to commit juvenile crime. We concern about this data and try to provide good quality of education in our packed school facilities. Students have right brain training as well as cooking, dancing, violin, golf and indoor climbing classes by each expert teacher in English. Therefore, students can experience to hear and use useful English.

Students receive good quality of studies as the same as world standard level of early child education. And they understand English sometimes more than native speakers between 2years old and 6years old. With this 5 years, students complete PE, second foreign languages (Chinese and Arabic), grade 2 level of Japanese, and math. We also have various courses and consultation for children between 2years and 11years old for their further studies.

* STAR BRAINS International school started TOEFL Junior Test first time in preschools.

TOEFL junior test started in 2011. Japan has been latter by 2years than China and Korea to adapt TOEFL junior test. STAR BRAINS opened our school in Kobe at the same time when China and Korea started TOEFL Junior test.
And we became the first preschool to adapt TOEFL Junior test in Japan.

* Star Brains students will contribute to a family and society.

In our educational policy, we educate students to contribute to the society for their family and country. Students look after school's grape vine in Kobe Winery and understand their local industries. At the organic farm we administer in Nose, Osaka. Students cultivate organic vegetables and the vegetables harvested in the farm is used in school lunch and cooking lessons. We hope that these activities connect to revitalize local society and help students reassure their identities, students to understand their countries, history culture. Also, interacting with friends and teachers who come from different countries will give children knowledge to understand different culture.

5 advantages of Star Brains

1. Reasonable

More you come to school for study, more it become reasonable

[Opening hours]
Monday-Friday 7:30-20:00 Saturday 9:00-18:00

[fulfilling study hours]
Make up lesson service is available twice a month. School is open all year round.

Only closed on Sundays, national holidays and the New Year's holiday (7 days).

2. Varied studies and activities all included in monthly tuition!! ~Learning with classmates.

Learning varied things with classmates.

[Many curious classes]
Students learn cooking, violin, golf PE, CG, Chinese, Arabic and Japanese in English.

[Learning everything in one month tuition]
We provide various activities in school in order to save parents time and expenses.

3. Our goal is raising small citizen of the world.~Absolute English environment.

Students have English abilities same level as Grade 2 in International Schools when they reach 6years old.

[English only policy]
Once students feel comfortable communicating in English, they talk in English outside classes with friends.
We have various programs for students to learn reading and writing depending on their ages.
Students sometimes talk even in their sleep at home.

[How about Japanese?]
We also give priority for Japanese in order to support students enrolling Japanese elementary schools.
Students can practice Japanese Kanji test starting from Grade 9 and 10.

4. We consider busy parents. No need for class parents duty.

Staff will try our best to prepare events and school trips.

[Various fun events]
We hold many events like Sport Day, Field trip, Halloween, a lot of experience in a year.

[School staffs handle events]
Participating in school events are not mandatory.
When parents can not attend to events, we accompany students and make a day as fun as possible.

5. We enchant children's ability. Chosen from families living in wide area.

School has been chosen by word of mouth.

[Growth of children is more important than good facilities.]
We may not have a big outside ground or has limited facilities compared to governmental preschool.
But many parents choose our school when they see graduate's parents satisfied with their children's growth in 5 years.
We would like to believe that parents expect us to excess their children's ability by sending them to Star Brains.