Extra Curricular

Experience and learning with Food

People are becoming more and more concerned about health and food safety.
When you go to the supermarket, you can buy anything in any season from any country.
Children become used to seeing processed and packaged food.
They don't have the chance to see how things are actually grown or harvested.

The school has a full cooking studio built for children with safety in mind.
During lessons, everyone wears proper chef's attire. They enjoy dressing up like a chef.
Cooking class is taught by American & French chefs. 
Students cook, taste, and study in each hour long class.
They learn where ingredients originate and become interested in food they see and eat everyday.
We teach students how to handle cooking tools and proper table manners.

*Kitchen knives are made for children's use. Students use an electric cooker and have no access to gas or fire.
For any accidents during cooking lessons are covered by school insurance.

Beginning in 2014, the school has started an organic farm in Nose, Osaka.
Kinder students visit it a few times in the year to help look after the farm.
We are proud to see students respect nature and show their growth after each visit to the farm.

Children by nature are full of imagination and creativity.
With music they can express themselves even more.
Music classes are taught by a musical tutor in English.
Nursery begins playing with castanets and bells along to music.
As they advance to kinder, they start practicing pianica and more complex instruments.
They practice songs and perform annually at our Winter party.

Violin lessons occur once a week for kinder classes.
Lesson are taught by a professional violin teacher in English.
Students are usually excited to see and touch violins for the first time.
We start teaching them how to handle violins carefully, then how to hold and play.
Students gradually learn to make noise and play in tune in their own pace and they perform their best on the stage in our annual winter party.
Private violin classes are also available (additional charges apply for private lessons).

When a student enters elementary school, they are ready to take Computer Graphics lessons (CG).
Student learn basic computer skills to create their own games and visual art by using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect, Premier.
All software are US versions and lessons are taught in English.
Any students who takes Regular, After school, or Saturday classes can join CG lessons with no extra charge.

Students can select lessons from 1~3 times per week.